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Friends readers of blogs to disseminate Athynir cordial greetings. Many Internet users find our blogs because of search engines like Google and Yahoo, and this is always a tool that helps us to have a new public reading and opining on our blogs.
We have a good margin growth in the statistics of visits since the site Disclosure put on almost all issues. We are observers of events and so try to be discreet in the comments. There will never be on our blogs any reference that could harm the family, the government constituted or any member of our society. We are neutral as far as possible and thus participate in events on the right and left as free citizens in a democratic process.
The author’s actions and reactions are in fact free texts, background information. Athynir web is a character and therefore understand that we must always keep the ethics, morals and morality in our texts related primarily to young people both visit our blog.
Today we are in a process of elections for President, Governor, Federal and State Representatives and for this we are invited and attended some lectures to hear the proposals for our future leaders. This is democracy. Similarly religious movements (all), public policies, social movements and meetings of political and social segments are mentioned in our blogs.
Much we care about the future of our city and planet in general. We can not remain silent and the best way is always the information.
At no time did any comment represents the views of any name mentioned in our texts, because with the exception of redirects news by RSS, do not disclose any kind of polemics.
Our goal is to publicize events, people, products and thus help the reader to make their choice.
In respect of copyright where copied text is your source mentioned.
The free texts, poems and comments are materials for the e-book ATHYNIR disclosure. In this case, authorize reproduction free and nonprofit.


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