Festa de fundação

One day someone gave us a mission … and this mission was symbolized in a flower seed that carefully planted in a small pot. This vase every day and was showered rose revenge. He grew up and understand we needed a larger space for our pink. And we created a beautiful garden.But between idealization and reality is a chasm called difficulties. Do not just wish to have a garden, we needed to build a garden. And this challenge was issued to all friends and members of the CIC. Thus, we find a new space, but that does not look like our garden. For this garden there was no garden would do justice to the garden to mentally draw. And then we understand that to have the garden we wanted We should clear the ground, remove the stones, digging, planting and do all the hard work of a work. We are not gardeners, but we want the garden, and this was our incentive. The flower was waiting patiently in their little jar. And each one gave him a little and the stones were moved, the land was plowed and flower at the floor. Missing so much, and neither knew. The rose needs water and the water was far … had to be fresh water from rivers, rain, sea, sweat the dignity of work and tears of joy and sadness. For our rose was mystical and needed all this and more. Then came the rain and wet earth … and the ground was perfumed with the strength of pink, rose and grew and became Rose .. a beautiful rose of yellow roses and fragrant. But woe unto you challenge, the rose was white and fragrant. She always brings me peace when I’m in a meeting here. No, replies the other, the rose is red and fragrant, because it brings me strength and encouragement to continue my battle and win in life. And each one was detailing his pink, because although everyone agreed with their perfume, not everyone saw it the same way. And there was nothing wrong with the rose because it was the symbol of our dreams, and each has a desire and quality, but all have the same goal. We are in our garden and this garden is where we find a florist bouquet ready, do not sell roses, our rosebush is to be admired and cultivated by each one that grows and changes the color of your roses. There are now many roses in rose that began with a single seed. Our Rose has few thorns, and these thorns are needed to protect the fragile flower, because we know that real life is asim, with some difficulties, but every difficulty makes us grow. On the floor are petals that fell gradually during the course of many years, and these petals are scented yet, because this is the mission of the flower. Each rose is she white, yellow, red or blue is a desire to be held and a request to be served. Someone will say that there is no blue roses … And I would say that faith has failed to create-a-la .. because our roses are the fruit of our charity, love of neighbor and the existence of a magical garden that has spiritual and professional gardeners to help you take care of these flowers. They are our guides mental, our ancestors and the angels of light of the Lord. Today we celebrate seven years, and it seems there were seven days passed quickly. The scent of these roses are always a mixture of scents of the virtues of each of these and good faith of the man to help others.


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