Opportunity Do not write even a line no more. And do not read any more about what I no longer exists. Do not insist on always save for what was not real. These memories make you sick. Perhaps betting on a relationship you lost More than a few years in vain. This affected their plans! It is not fair, but is life. Do not re assembling this jigsaw puzzle The absence of play. You enter a game to lose. Go ahead and not worry about the destination, His journey is a new challenge. Whether the leadership before you lead. And even if s eyes ask you fools, Do not accept look toward the past that made you suffer. And do not give up, because there is no tape, Only starting point. Many banned you from being happy, Now take your life And it imposes the victory. Gradually you will forget … Because the opportunity to redo His life is important. Close your eyes and say, I decide my fate. Love it. So let the love you find. Because you deserve to be happy


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